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mental illness i need your help

Mental Illness I Need Your Help

by Robert G Brown

Tuesday 8.29.2017

I am all the mental illnesses, and I just can’t blame myself.  If you are my brother or sister in God’s eyes, then we are responsible for each other. I use mental illness as a gift to stay connected with God and my family by way of The Holy Spirit, even when they seem disconnected from their body. We need to use everything God gives, especially our spiritual gifts to help ease the world’s troubles, and bring peace. Why would we retard each other, when we can grow quickly together as one mind eternal? Being certain and knowledgeable, rather than secretive and deceitful, being joyous and happy, rather than sinister and sad, being courageous and thoughtful, rather than scared and ignorant, being confident and sure, rather than, shy and vulnerable. As the list goes on, vulnerability without God in your heart can be dangerous, as well as any fear. Hatred in any form is not of Heaven.

When we accept far less than God has ever given, we need immediate change back to who we are…The Kingdom of Heaven. Remember a time when you had everything, and there was no loss, or sense of loss. Our wholeness was all there ever was and will always be…an indescribable state of being beyond imagination. It is your problem the planet’s standards are far lower than the promises made. Why bargain with God, when you have everything, beyond the illusion we all made up about each other. Our reality is a illusory mask…not the reality. If it is all your fault, as one of about 7.5 billion people, that helped each other make a huge mess, and when we all think like that, this mess on planet Earth will be cleaned up quickly, and we will make a worldwide statement, and more importantly, bring joy to God’s eyes.

The trash pile we made together is indescribable obnoxious.

Reality is unchangeable and God only creates the indestructable. Our bodies are temporary. Indescribable beyond imagination, God is love everlasting . It seems you got your head on straight, but your schizophrenia needs to have some fun, and paranoia is setting in wondering with all the stories and blog articles you wrote, it seems the whole world is ignoring you like it can’t be possible you are a Minister of God, healing servicesthat constitutes as A Course in Miracles does, that we are saviors to each other, and The Holy Spirit Guides us along the way to bring us back to a heavenly state of mind, so we can finally reach God once again, by coming together as one people the human race, and it seems like somebody should know something more than they are showing. That was a fun sentence. Schizophrenia might not be all that bad. Easier to deal with than a trash pile, especially when no feels like picking it up, so we can learn how to recycle everything.

Healing the people right in front of you with kind words…helps. …But we need people to show up like we actually know what we are talking about. What is going on on this planet, that keeps us hiding in closets? People think God only sees certain things? Everything thing you think say or do is a prayer to God. You can’t hide, because God bestowed His full knowledge upon everyone. His omnipotent omniscience gave everything, while our little worlds pretend we can hurt God by limiting ourselves in any way. God is not limited, and either are you. You pretend to be limited, God doesn’t. God only knows love. He either hears your call for love, or sees you giving love, and through the power of forgiveness sees you sharing love and healing His children.

Indescribable beyond imagination, God is love everlasting.

There is one world, not many taking place. The power of our minds may make it seem there is more than one world, but God’s vision is unchangeable. Happy joyous innocence is His gift to us all. What an offering from an unconditionally loving Father? We may trap ourselves in nightmares, because our minds have freewill, and forget the right decision makes us happy. A lot of us have lived a nightmare for so long, we only know our basic routine. Spiritual understandings can be learned quickly by focusing on the now moment, the Holy Instant, God’s only time. Love is your offering and your vehicle, so you may see past all fear into Heaven. One world, one time, one mind from God’s unconditional love is a rough explanation of who we are. Time and space is an illusion for our enjoyment, and we find ways to hurt ourselves and others, by thinking God didn’t give us everything to share eternally.

One example of a common nightmare is…neo-nazi death camps disguised as Mental Health Hospitals becomes a frequented stop, by many of God’s children, while our humanity throws human life away in the name of mental health. Sound paranoid? I have been to six hospitals screaming for my immediate family not to ever put me there again, every time. Is it that bad? Some people say it is better than their own home. That’s scary, yes, but when I saw the places and observed what they call care, and maybe I was a bit pampered growing up, but damn, that is not care. It’s adult baby sitting, that makes the pharmaceutical companies as rich as possible, while destroying the last shred of human spirit and/or human dignity. How do we dispel that nightmare?

With unlimited resources, we should be doing a better job. People are suffering worldwide, and we are making a mockery of the human languages. I thought we were talking about mental illness. When you have all them, so you can learn how to heal them, life becomes interesting. Life goes beyond the symptoms, and you see again. Beyond of the illusion of healthcare, Heaven sits waiting patiently to welcome us home. You don’t have to suffer anymore, once you open your heart again, and see you have always been loved by God. You made it all up, and everyone is safe and sound, in Heaven awaiting your awakening. That’s what mental illness showed me anyway, with the help of some good books. Books seem to find ways to find you, don’t they?

…And The Holy Spirit’s Voice guides me each moment. The small sure Voice that God appointed as our Guide back to Heaven; a place that is indescribable beyond imagination. innocet until proven not God's SonThe Holy Spirit’s Voice becomes the small sure Voice we listen to, sharing God’s happiness and joy, glorifying our names to all existence, celebrating our innocence. Turn your life around, right now, and release your investment in fear, and free your heart and mind. Be still, and go beyond your little world and see the one God gave you in His Spirit, by the power of His innocence combined with yours. See beyond guilt, remorse, resentment, conflict, hatred, and all other fears, by living in the now moment, God’s Holy Instant, the time all things are possible, and your decision is without past are future, and see…The Kingdom of Heaven.

Did you say neo-nazi death camps disguised as mental institutions?

The story of old, the past a nightmare? God’s glory only saw happy, in love, joyous, innocence. Where were you? Where are you? Back from another neo-nazi death camp aka behavioral health center…where they give you drugs called meds or medication, that slowly kill you, so you feel dead inside, until you are back in the dirt, six feet under, while the whole world pretends it is humane. That’s how I see it, even though pharmaceutical medication can be used temporarily to help with extreme symptoms, and many children make it in this world coming from those types of circumstances, it would be nice to have awesome facilities by this point, especially, when you see how much it costs the taxpayer. Massages, good food and diet, plenty of sunshine, and a proper education for a quickly changing world would be some good examples how to help those that seem to be mentally ill. I see their ailments as a gift, and believe the whole world is mentally ill pretending our way of life is okay at all, to not have the best facilities for everyone immediately.

As we embrace God’s principles for living in a body, speaking the truth is a great way to come out of the closet, and become who you are. Sharing love and forgiveness is the only real way to treat mental illness. It should be a community issue, and never outsourced, so we can learn about and heal one another. With the use of psychotherapy, the results can come very quickly. So, don’t be afraid to call me. …But family minded communityplease help support, gives us the ability to heal all ailments including cancer, quickly and responsibly, with the care and support, everyone in the community needs, until we are beyond healing. If we are all a part of God’s mind, His Answer to all situations is peace. It’s crazy how close we are to figuring this out together. I heard God has a surprise for us.

But first we have to talk about, how else do you trash a planet in secret? Living in a world invested to make money, rather then live together as One. Deceiving ourselves and others, our investment that we can be sick, kills us quick. And your 80 year or so life span, when God said life is eternal makes me say something is wrong here…we are all insane if we think this Heaven. Life is not unlimited and free the way it is supposed to be. How are we blocking our vision God? How do I help set us free? It seems wants and desires take precedence over you unlimited love right now. How do I go beyond wants and desires to become as you created me…eternal and infinite, joyful, and happily in love? I catch glimpses  of peace, that continue to increase, but I need your peace all day long. Always thankful or all ways thankful? Either way sounds good to me.

I am not a body, I am free, I am as God created me…is one of the many lessons you will learn in the book A Course in Miracles. If that is true, then temptation and illusion is the physical world’s trick. Spirit is where the eternal is. This weak and flimsy home, we call the body, cannot withstand God’s grace, and be our true home. freedomWe wouldn’t want it at around 100 years of age, unless we knew it was but an illusion to be used as a learning vessel. Then we could materialize at will. God’s path leads to happiness, joy, and innocence. Is there really any choice, but God’s? His Will is your Will, and you will realize that as you build a relationship with God the Father. Thank you for the guidance brothers and sisters.



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Mental Illness I Need Your Help

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