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speak the truth, give love and forgive

Speak the Truth, Give Love, and Forgive

by Robert G Brown and the Fog

Friday 8.25.2107

Words of tribulation…speak the truth, give love, and forgive, as we learn to accept and understand our world, so we may catch a glimpse of Heaven, if you haven’t already. All power is of God; surrender and you will be gladdened. Created by His power of unconditional love, we are loved all the same, loved unconditionally. God will never love you more or less than any of His children. Living together, as one people, we become a family community worldwide. World Family Community seeks to break all relationship barriers by adding unconditional love to science, with forgiveness as its a tool for miracles. Combined with an open source infrastructure, that gives us the ability to communicate and help us get to know each other worldwide.

The needs, wants, and desires of the human race need to be expressed first. Your choice comes with natural consequences, and God’s love stands above any man’s law. You are always protected and loved by God. You may not recognize it, because those that are afraid call for love rather than give it naturally. Years of pain,stress, and overall just to busy to break the life/death cycle makes real change seem like stress, even when you know it is the best decision. …But after you gain momentum embodying The Holy Spirit with His joy practice becomes common place. You yearn to be happy again and again, after you start to express big bursts of love.

Unconditional love was not added to the natural laws of science, and now all text must need to be re-written. Forgiveness is filled with God’s power of unconditional love. There is also a place in mathematics for unconditional love that many people have been searching for…the meaning of life.? Living by the spirit is only a matter of decision, your choice decides how you walk, and if you are new to understanding the moment, and making informed decisions. Decisions that make you happy and don’t hurt anyone else. God’s joy becomes your decision.

Speak the truth, give love, and forgive.

Speak the truth, give love, and forgive. This is the simplest way to understand God’s decision and God’s joy, by the power of His love. That’s why our infrastructure is so important. It rapidly cures illness, allows us to be ourselves, and to learn and develop as God’s joy. No one in-charge, but being self-responsible is the key to success for a World Family Community. Our ability to be open and honest shows us God accepts and understands us, because God loves us. When you are genuinely happy, that is God shining through you as Heaven. We were all God’s children; we are the One Son of God. If we expect to to build a global community, getting to know each other is important.

It would be a masterpiece uniting the planet for God, and His Family known as the One Son of God. The first step is in building a spiritual foundation. Secondly, we need to understand the power of unconditional love and add it to modern science and mathematics. Thirdly, we nee to pick up trash, and recycle everything from now on. Forth, pick the best people to help layout a World Family Community infrastructure, that is user friendly and gives the whole planet the ability to contribute quickly and easily. With no one in-charge mentality, we bring health back to the community, also known as the peace of God. …And forward free thinking that learns how to contribute quickly, cleaning up and uniting the planet, and honor, celebration, and appreciation in awe of, God’s grace on thee.

Times are flipping upside down on their head, and when it’s time for complete change; you better be ready. These digital documents have the power to heal all time and space. The more you read, the better off you become in facing the changes to come, whether you want to believe it is happening, or not. The truth holds God’s power of, unconditional love, understanding, acceptance, joy, forgiveness, and His plan for your life. What direction do you want to go? World Family Community embraces all God’s children as God’s Gifts to us and each other, as innocent souls to be warmly embraced, to help with rapid change and growth, but self-responsibility, and your heart’s contribution is big part of your role when you live in a family community, as well as keeping an eye on our children. With mental abilities increasing, it will be easier to keep our kids safety in mind, and close to our hearts.

Now we are understanding how important it is to speak the truth, give love, and forgive.

Now we are understanding how important it is to speak the truth, give love, and forgive. We said what said, we did what we did. If God forgives us all, what do I hold against others and myself that I need to forgive? Who do I need to ask forgiveness of? Speaking the truth, and sharing God’s love helps us Atone for our mistakes. The Holy Spirit Guides our feet, as God places you where He needs us.

According to A Course In Miracles, forgiveness sees beyond error to the Spirit of God, where our innocence sits securely. We are pure spirit before we are human beings. …And the physical is an illusion trap that the ego uses against us, that dispels our natural knowledge that we are everlasting life. The body is a beautiful learning device that is to be used to remember that you are pure Spirit. Beyond that comes direct knowledge. It’s funny we are still trying to figure out how to pick up trash, and recycle everything.

For now The Holy Spirit walks with us beyond fear back to joy! Face your fears and you will know your self. Forgiveness is our tool to see beyond fear. All expressions of love are maximal says A Course in Miracles, and felt by all no matter what illusions, or idols you hold before God. Calling for love and not excepting what is give is and individual choice the effects everyone. Giving or sharing love Answers and corrects the call for love, and allows The Holy Spirit give His love through you, with a little willingness, to help heal us all. God put salvation in all of our hands to share with each other.

According to A Course In Miracles, forgiveness sees beyond error to the Spirit of God, where our innocence sits securely.

The infrastructure is solid with a group of the best open source programmers in temporary leadership positions to create a user friendly platform that we can all contribute to, and help update. If we want to become geniuses, and never get hurt or hurt others again, we need to establish community as family, and know everyone completely for a completely Heavenly environment. If we can’t keep secrets from God, we shouldn’t keep secrets from anyone. It sounds crazy, because you are used to listening to the ego’s voice, that tells you to want or take everything for your self, and you want to or think you can hide secrets in the dark, and lead yourself into complete confusion. That’s doesn’t work in Heaven, because everyone has everything in Heaven. We the Family of God, the One Son of God want to represent Heaven where there is nothing lacking and there is never loss. Everyone is at ease and at peace in Heaven.

Trust is major preponent to being an acting member of a community or a family, and all our kids need guidance, structure, and the resources and facilities to learn and develop. It is better than building nuclear missiles, to stop war. If everyone was in love with unlimited resources, who would we become? I could dream forever. When was the last time you really trusted someone? Now, nothing is allowed to be anyone’s business. There is probably someone weird credit system with whom and how much you can share. I wonder if I could even fit into a psychopathic system like that. I would rather be accepted for who I am. I am innocent, but bizarre. God cleared my name, so I could live in peace…God’s peace. Dream happy dreams, on my way Home…Heaven.

Instead I made it heavy at times, for us all helping as a message alert system trying to understand what people wanted included in Heaven. That’s sounds bizarre, but I ask you to accept it temporarily in truth. Do you feel heavy now, too? We are all responsible here as far as Heaven and hell go. Letting go of the nightmare of hell takes skill and development, so we may always witness Heaven right here in front of our face. Hope, faith, and love, are beautiful gifts from God to use, but don’t forget forgiveness, acceptance and understanding. Let us lighten the load by trusting others, so we can get to know God, even if our world won’t let us in. True equality, world unity, comes easily when we are all ready to participate. By the love of God let it in…World Family Community. Speak the truth, give love, and forgive. Beyond money, beyond tricks, beyond lies, beyond hatred, beyond tears, beyond fear lies your innocence, safe and sound. At peace you are, because at peace you have always been. You just forgot.

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Speak the Truth, Give Love, and Forgive

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