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The Decision That Makes You Happy

The Decision That Makes You Happy

by Robert G Brown

Wednesday 8.30.2017

Boberb: There is only one decision you should ever make; the one that makes you happy.

There is only one decision you should ever make; the one that makes you happy. Then you don’t have to think about anything else. Once you are always happy, from consistently practicing making happy decisions, you can’t help but be happy, even while helping others learn to be happy. Happy is a happy way to move along the path to Heaven as we happily happy along, we bring God’s joy and blessings as we forgive the world today. There is too much trash all over the place, and the kids are losing their places to play. Sounds like a community issue, with no one in-charge. We all need to make a contribution that our neighborhoods are safe and clean. Is there a happy way to clean our mess, so we no longer transgress?

Leadership means a servant to all. Make the decision that makes you happy is all we need to say. Then we can throw all those countless other options we thought we had away. We don’t need the misery, we thought enough in every wrong way. When our way is sure and guiltless, our smiles shine our troubles away. Pure innocence is where your peace abides, even if you lose track of it from time to time. God grants our innocence as we learn to forgive, and overlook error, and mistakes, so we may see beyond to the loving truth…the happy loving decision. The Holy Spirit is our Guide, and His happy decision is yours whenever you need it, or want to use it.

Am I being mean to myself, by some of the actions I take on my journey back to Heaven? Think about some of the ways people treat each other, look at your own involvement, and see what could of anyone did differently. I always feel God has me right where He wants me, but I have to make the right decision, the happy decision, but with some people it feels like there is no way in…so I have to make myself happy, and that can be difficult for me around others. happy decisionsThere is still a lot of anger and confusion in my world, even though it has noticeably calmed down. How long do we wait? Does God even want me to help? Sometimes it looks like we are just being mean to ourselves, by the words we choose. Do we really want a fight? …But I don’t want to be a zombie, that is afraid to express myself either.

There is only one decision you should ever make; the one that makes you happy.

Is it possible to be happy all day long, and what are expressions of happiness? Does happiness always include a smile, or is it just when you are into what you are doing? How about when you just want to feel free being whoever you want to be? What are we really afraid of? Finding out we have been awesome our whole life, and never realizing it. That would make me angry. It did make me angry. Here we are…awesome beyond belief, and not everyone seems to know. It drives me insane. Wake up; we are here; we we made it, Planet Earth. What are we waiting for? Oh, everything costs money, and it is not that easy to live a worldly life, unless you have a lot of it. When are you going to accept you have to give me all your money, because I earned it?..caring about you this whole time.

No money, then spiritual attainment seems like the only way of making happy decisions, so one day I experience the indescribable beyond imagination.That way I don’t have feel like I am missing out on something. With practice, forgiving the world could give me the ability to materialize anywhere on the planet. That would be fun. Would I get to pick the clothes I materialize in? Right now, many people live in their heads, because they forget everything they see is them, and their illusory smallness makes them afraid of The Spirit of God. Certainty brings a certain level of responsibility that some are not ready for…but making decisions that make you happy is a good place to start for anybody learning the love arts.

Making decisions the make you happy is a great way to experience the truth, and understand the protection of defenselessness. When you speak the truth by the power of forgiveness miracles become possible. According to A Course in Miracles, all expressions of love are maximal. There is no order in difficulty in doing miracles. Forgiveness  gives us the power to see beyond all error, mistakes, and debts knowing God is abundant and doesn’t want to hold anything from you, but you believed the body was real, and fell away from God. The Spirit of God is real; He is the light by which you are born.

Making decisions the make you happy is a great way to experience the truth.

speak the truth give love and forgivePeople avoid the truth to uphold there smallness, not understanding the grandeur of God. Accepting the worst of life as who we are, we put ourselves in position to solve problems rather than make more. Uniting the planet should be our mission, each moment of the day, and the happy decision is the one we need to make. We have to become sickly happy and contagious with our happiness. Everybody needs our happiness. It is that important. Cough and spew your happiness all over everybody, but be discrete. Nothing can stand in our way of helping people be the happiest they have ever been.

This job is not for any one man. This job is for all of us. Running Heaven? Yes. We obviously have unlimited power united as One. Why are we wasting time? Does anyone monitor the Internet for alien activity anymore? We live around a bunch of no-it-alls and know-it-alls, that would rather be in-charge than share. They are disgusting, and need to come out of the closet, but what I write I think scares them. What kind of genius are we dealing with?..he doesn’t look all that big and badass. I don’t know. He always talking about love, and getting the girls juicy. Welcome to Heaven…at least a step on the road. How do you symbolize Heaven today?

Love, Bobby

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The Decision That Makes You Happy

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