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Planet Earth Needs You

Boberbs – 4/28/2015

Life is always evolving. The past is history…the future a mystery…but now is a gift…that is why it is called the present.

– Oogway (The philosophical words of the turtle from Kung Fu Panda) Hi Grandmom…I love you.

God is the light in which I see.(ACIM) Look upon your prison quietly until the Light of God shines through.

There is no loss of any kind. God’s gifts are unlimited in love and are meant to be shared.

If you need anything God will provide. Have faith.

Perfect peace = Perfect love extension. Love stems from the heart, not the will. Projection starts in the will and is usually fearful and needs correction. How do you understand this?

Share love to find peace. Teach peace to share love. Think about this for a while.

Authority should be loving, gentle, and kind. This is justice, and justice is fair.

Planet Earth Needs You – Hi Momma Gaia!

by Robert G Brown and the FoG

Tuesday December 1, 2015

The atmosphere is falling apart. The chem trails feebly holds it together. Cleaning the waters and the soil will heal the problem. Simple, right?

Stop using chemical fertilizers; put your trash and recycling in the proper receptacle. Buy a composting toilet, so the earthworms can properly clean all fecal matter. Stop wasting resources.

Grow indoor and outdoor gardens using sustainable organic methods. All organic means is the way Gaia (Planet Earth) intended. Earthworm castings (poop) is sterile organic fertilizer. If you plot your garden the earthworms will build your soil proper to the items being grown.

Not all chemicals are harmful. Many chemicals can be used to clean polluted waters after the trash and large debris in removed. Remove your head from your asshole. Your God you rely on so much can only do so much. Freewill says God gave you all the tools you need, and God trusts you. It is easier to lend a helping hand.

Thank for you time and have an enjoyable day. Peace Out Homies.

Question of the Day

How long would you have to sit in the sun to get 1000 mg of Vitamin D3?

Planet Earth Needs You

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