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How to Have Fun Now

by Robert G Brown and the FoG


When did fun become watching someone else have fun? TV although a useful tool has become poisonous to our psyche. Many people around the world would rather watch life through someone else’s eyes. This discourages us from going out into the world and becoming who we truly are.

Life is meant to be enjoyed with others not by watching others. My Grandmom said in the 30’s after eating at the dinner table discussing the days events, the family would pick up the instruments and play music together. What a wonderful way to end the day. What happened to the conversation and the dance of life? Where did it go and why don’t we get together anymore?

Interaction is crucial to our development, and trying to apply new ideas is impossible without help from others. Seamless integration is beyond our understanding because of our unwillingness to share our ideas with the world. When did the price tag get in the way of being part of a healthy world community?

We all need help and we all need love, but only by helping and sharing love does life begin to make sense. If we expect others to do everything while we sit on the couch and live someone else’s life, how do we expect to accomplish anything? Now is the to start questioning our thought patterns, and behaviors. If we don’t check ourselves, we may lose everything this world has to offer, and sets out to accomplish.

World peace is on a lot peoples minds these days, but if we are unwilling to work together, we should go out to the hardware store and buy a shovel, and start digging our grave? World peace is a collective agreement and a collective effort. Are you willing to help? Because if you aren’t, you are just getting in the way.

Fun in love, while accepting and loving the world around us is the key to life’s treasures. In order to understand this, you must set out into the world and began to meet the world by expressing your ideas in faith with those you meet. If you are afraid to share, because you think the world is going to swallow you up, then you will not find the opportunity to express a life that brings your heart freedom.

It may seem scary at first, but the more you share your heart and soul with the world around you, the quicker you begin to understand the power of God. God is love, and God is a Family that includes everything. We are not above or below anyone, we are everyone. If someone suffers, we suffer. If someone is sick, we are sick. If we look at the world like this, it gives us all an opportunity to heal.

Stop living a lie, and start bringing truth, so others feel comfortable sharing truth as well. Help is on the way the second you are willing to help. Time is always now when you are in love. Fear knocks you off the now moment to bring guilt, regret, and doubt into your life. The longer you live in fear, the more difficult it is to come back into love.

Luckily, love is so powerful that a speck can protect you from slipping into fear, but love belongs to the now moment. Fear was established as a protection as well, but we seemed to have lost track of this, because we have lost track of the moment. Fear helps know when something is wrong, but we have been feeling wrong for so long, love now feels wrong because it hurts so bad.

Our children are important and need our love, so lets realize the pain of love is a good thing right now, and it is necessary to embrace it, so we never use fear wrongly again. Please remember, fear in love is how we know the difference between right and wrong. Now is the time to establish a stronger understanding of the truth. With love and appreciation for all things in their proper state brings peace to our surroundings and eventually our world.

How to Have Fun Now

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