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psychotherapy healing session

What is psychotherapy and how does it work? It starts with a series of questions, that you answer honestly. Who are you? How do you want to live? What is your life’s purpose? Where do you want to live? How do feel life has hurt you? Do you hold and resentment towards others? Do you hold any grievances against your world? What is you spiritual foundation? Are you responsible for everything you see? The One Son of God is everything you see and beyond, and you are a big part of God’s Kingdom. Please answer the questions.

In this Psychotherapy Healing Session, we are freeing the past and the future, so you learn to live in the moment, the now, God’s only time, because it is the only time He knows. That is where His gift of innocence abides. If you are to be innocent your past must be filled with love and your future certain, all to be experienced in the now. The is why eternity can be roughly described as everything always. …But while we are learning, it is best to stick with just freeing the past and future, and live in the now…God’s holy instant where all His love, and healing abide through the power of forgiveness.

When you realize everyone is God’s child He loves unconditionally, and has bestowed the same power to all of us that He gave to Jesus Christ, then you will see why it is important to have self-control, and be self-responsible. We have a big family, about 7.5 billion of our planet, and we are responsible for each other, and for each other’s healing. If we are responsible for everyone than we should all have the best food, clothing, and shelter. First we have to clean up our mess, inside and outside our bodies.We have a lot of trash to pick up and excavate before we can rebuild.

Beyond the body, you are filled with the Spirit of God and The Holy Spirit is your Guide, and your Inspiration on your walk back to Heaven to rest in God’s Arms. …But first, you have to clean up your act. You have clear the clutter of your life, so you are stable enough to see you have always done God’s work, and are responsible for your decisions and their consequences. That’s why God ask us to speak the truth, give love, and forgive one another, so we may heal quickly. Forgiveness is God’s number 1 healing tool, because as it releases the past it helps you see beyond the body, where everyone’s innocence lives. When fear is gone; free from sickness and death, doubt and insecurity, guilt and remorse, anger and regret, abandonment and rejection, you see freedom at last.

Just by reading this article, you are filled with God’s blessings of hope, faith, love, and forgiveness, acceptance, understanding, and the list goes on. All I did was speak the truth. A little willingness to help lead God’s children back to Heaven is all it took.

Pleas call Robert G Brown at 856-669-8229 to schedule a psychotherapy appointment.

…or Check out the Healing Services page for more information, and enjoy the laugh. Regardless if it makes you smile, please remember its methaphorical value when you call, and that anyone trapped in a human body needs healing and psychotherapy through the power of forgiveness.

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Psychotherapy Healing Session

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