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rulers of hell

Rulers of Hell

by Robert G Brown


Who are the rulers of hell? Who teaches freedom? Who teaches reality?

There is no Heaven when someone rules it. There is no authority in Heaven. If you want to be in charge, you are the devil and Satan and Heaven is gone forever. Freedom and reality is what exists and our investment in in-charge leadership holds an illusion in front of what is. Man is Lucifer and woman is Satan, and Christ is our saviors. Christ is the protective mind that heals the illusion standing in front of Heaven. The Holy Spirit is our Friend, Guide, and Answer as we walk beyond illusion as healers, teachers, and ministers of Christ using the illusion of forgiveness to dispel the illusions of sickness and death.

Friendship has be replaced by rules and regulation that stop freedom and reality. And marriage is one of many contracts that destroys free thinking and replaces it with a wall or barrier that only knows the graveyard, while hoping someone saves us or when we die we go to Heaven, instead of taking responsibility for our life as a problem solver and a healer by excepting all the world's problems as our self-responsibility as eternal life and dominion. Dominion being the protector of all life and a teacher that educates all to know only life without limits by solving problems and correcting mistakes.

Marriage is simple arrangement that sees everything in someone else. Where in hell it is a contract to be destroyed by wanting someone else's everything that leads to guilt and world annihilation. Wars are waged in wanting more than everything, and replacing God with false god's that hide reality and cripple, imprison, and destroy life. Friendship is no longer and I tell you want to do is our relationship. My life is my own, but in hell you write my story, and make sure I forget mine. I am not allowed to love myself and unless you say so, and Heaven is gone forever.

When do retire your authority and become the happy creation God created? When do you face your fears instead of use fear as weapon to deceive your Self and the world? You tricked your Self by trusting the wrong teachers and we are all teachers. Ignorance and denial are your demons that teach you that someone else is supposed to correct your mistakes and solve the world's problems. The ownership demon sells out as you you become a pimp and whore society of sickness and death, so you can earn a penny. More or less imprisons you in hell forever. You know everything and so you can't see reality, and so it someone else's fault instead.

Your decision is who you are and your responsibility. You are dead in this world and the gravestone says you may as well go pick yours out and put in your cave you call house to look at. Maybe it will bring the vision of eternal life, where you are the savior and redeemer of the world. Jesus is a teacher and a way of life, not an insurance policy. Problem solving gives you the ability to forgive the world and your Self. Heaven is a state of mind, not a special place. Right here right now is where Heaven lives. Where do you live?

Free and unlimited or limited and dead is a tool you can you to see the problem and find the solution. Break the chains of authority, and seek life by speaking peace. Give to receive reinvests faith in unconditional love that gives all and expects nothing because God gave you everything. You just don't use it right because the world smalled us all and told us someone else knows better for us, but what teacher Knows for us, the devil or The Holy Spirit? Lost or found, dead or alive, what Answer leads your life?


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Rulers of Hell

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