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satan vs. jesus

Satan vs. Jesus

by Robert G Brown and the FoG

2/15/2016 Edited – Sunday 11.26.2017

*Quick note – We had to demote Satan to less than peon temporarily. Anyone that is not working consistently on their Atonement for Redemption is Satan. Thank you for your concern.

The saga continues as Satan holds on for dear life, while Jesus waits patiently for Satan to make up her mind. Jesus isn’t asking for much but the truth. The devil inside is fearful of a bad result, even though Jesus just wants Satan to be happy.

The new Kingdom of Heaven has been established, but we must enter together as One Family. Until then, we learn why Our Family is so important. It includes everything. Ready for action, the people of God try to make sense of the misuse of fear, and realize fear is only for our protection and nothing more.

Take heed as you see that even fear has a place in Creation and should be loved. Love is the answer to all the world’s problems, and fear is the spirit that governs the protection of our people. Fear shows us what not to do, while love give us everything unlimited when properly understood.

The people of the world want to clean up our beautiful mother Gaia, planet Earth, but it takes everyone. Are you ready to help? Because without you Heaven is incomplete, and we are in Heaven. Once we see that Heaven was always right in front of us, we will accept that Heaven is a state of mind, and not an imaginary place.

Why fight truth, when truth keeps us safe, and the truth helps us create a world community of love? Our planet is sick and so are the people, but the solution is here, and lies within the Family of God, as the forgiving option. We are a part of whole, and our part in Our Family is crucial to the well being of everything. Forgive your past to unlock your future. The present moment is a gift and “God’s only time” that helps us see hope within our future.

Faith guides our right now moment, and helps us understand God’s business in not always our business. Loving our part gives us the strength to be vulnerable even in dangerous situations. Give love first always and know genuinely the armor of God. Open your heart to the world in front of you and know you are the chosen one. Family First is the law around here, and you need a family to fully realize who you are. Our family includes everyone, and is everyone, and all living things. Dominion cares for all and makes sure nothing ever dies.

Family First states that if you treat everyone better than you treat yourself, and everyone does this, we are all taken care of properly around the globe. We offer the best of ourselves always, and do our part to help Our Family. One Mind Eternal we understand our individuality, and our connection to the whole Family of God.

Expression is your muse on this beautiful planet, and love guides our part every step of the way. Satan is victorious and our friend, once he decides to be a part of the Family of God. Get it. Have a extraordinary day, and always know you are loved, and God is watching.

Satan vs. Jesus

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