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last echoes city god

The Last Echoes of the Old City of God v.2

by Robert G Brown and edited by Brandon “X-man” Brown (Song written for Mr. Brown and the Word Ups)

Written during my first stay at Hampton Hospital – Hi Alicia!

How do we clean up this mess?

The FoG rolls in love and appreciation with all creation.

We are all sick, so we all need healing,

the old city of god

This silly world has lost its feeling.

Zombieland filled with stuff,

It looks like y’all have had enough.

Revelation is revolution time,

Work together relieves the mind.

Fear only exists within the blind,

Loss of faith brings loss of hope,

Now its time to smoke your dope.

But wait…love is the band-aid, the gentle kiss,

commandments laws

That cleans the fear as it walks with us.

To Heaven’s gates, and the gates are open,

Why waste time or is it time we waste?

Truth conquers all the demons that destroys life in haste.

Honesty protects our children’s interest,

So freedom rings as they bless.

The world alone stole Heaven’s throne,

Runs through field as you smoke the bone.

Together lights the fires burn,

When will you ever learn?

What’s reaped is sown,

Pray for others…will heals your dome.

God’s Commandments

  1. Family First Love is the way of life.
  2. Love as you love.

Laws of God

  1. Freewill leads to freedom.
  2. Once accepted into Everything, it always remains.

Thank God.

The Last Echoes of the Old City of God

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