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help children

Help Children

by Robert G Brown and  Cameron Dodge while Inspired by The Whole FoG (Family of God)

Sunday – 2/14/2016

Jesus: I hope you like my garden. Thanks for the seeds (ideas).

Genius Family Man: I was lost, but now I’m found.

Mr. Spaghetti Brains: What’s for lunch?

Love is the Answer! 5/13/2015

children help

It can even cure cancer.

Love has the power to clear your mind.

It will open your eyes, so you can see the sign of the time.

It gently guides you to a place where you always feel fine.

That is the place where you find your mighty companions.

They give you power to heal your family and return them to champions.

As I walk free and proud or float on the clouds,

I know now I walk on my own, but never alone.

…Thank you for your blessings with a big AMEN.

Mind Filters – The human mind is like a sponge with no filter. That’s why it is important to setup proper filters that benefit your life and others. One example would be to understand and be able to explain why certain thoughts and actions make you feel guilty in your own life. Keep in mind, others may need to go through the same process as well without judgment. Lending support helps strengthen our belief system so it can grow and evolve new ideas that help our current societal situation. We all need to learn how to accept our circumstances rather than judge them without merit.

Boberb: – You can be by yourself or One with God. I love friends a family.

Boberb: – I trust the FoG knows exactly what they are doing, especially when I do not. I follow the loving Voice in my heart to guide me always.

Business Building and Prosperity – Plant a seed and care for it until the tree bears seasonal fruit, and it is strong enough to grow on its own.

Fools Die for Want of Wisdom – Hi Bob. All of us want answers, but we only receive the answers we need when the time is right. Be patient…don’t worry…help when you can. A little love goes a long way. This is how we increase our wisdom, qualifications, and our responsibilities.

Leadership – Leadership is earned by serving others always.

Good morning, and have a Blessed day.

Help Children

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