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healing services that make you happy

You have been treated.

Jealous means you like that too, but you don’t say it. Guilt says you do not know what to say, so you hide jealous. All you have to say when you get jealous is…I like that too.


Relaxed and at ease is not holding back. You do not need to feel pressured to be prove your Self. God always loves you? I think so.


What is best for me and does not hurt anyone else technology practices.


Trying to be something for somebody else?


Ketchup Breakfast coming soon…

Ketchup Breakfast lyrics:

Ketchup Breakfast,
Looking for a winner,
gotta work late,
gonna miss dinner
love on the back
burnin with desire
coldest story ever told
lightning at the starter line
heard the starter gun
you busy getting old
gangstas having all the fun
death at the finish line
runnin for your lives
buy a shovel and a rock
goodbye my friend is all you ever sold
still busy getting old
A rolling stone is all you ever rolled.

I am waiting here in heaven
overtime begins on the 7th at 7

Back up vocals: Itself is in the game. It is time to come home children.

mr brown speaks up freedom of speech style
know radio video

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world family community .com .org .net

fight to survive as one
food clothing shelter and medicine in abundance
global communication network




Healing services that make you happy!

Healing Services

Free information and books @ http;//treehousebooks.org n. philly near temple university.

beat down productions

sword light llc



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