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A Child’s Prayer

by Robert G Brown

Original Draft -Wednesday 7/1/2015

I heard a common question here at Pasco County Jail, as well as other places. How much does one ounce of cocaine cost? And one dumbass to another would discuss prices and how much money they could make selling the highly illegal and dangerous substance to seriously ill drug addicts or unsuspecting newcomers.

A few times I worked up the courage to ask, “How many families can you destroy selling one ounce of that shit?” Unfortunately, I never got a straight answer, because they either never thought about it, or just didn’t give a fuck.

One time a young man spoke about selling crack to his aunt , so I angrily questioned him about it. His retort was simple and uncaring. If I don’t take her money, some other drug dealer will. This is a common mentality in the mind of drug dealers and a huge problem in thinking.

Drug addiction is like a bulldozer to the American family because it destroys so much more than just the drug addict, which is already too much destruction. It levels the addict’s entire family. And a whole family can be several households or much more. In reality it destroys the whole Family of God.

The pain and suffering is so immense that since the birth of addictive drugs the tears of sorrow have flowed freely like the great floods of the Earth. Thank God for Our Children’s prayers. They see and understand at a very early age what their parents and loved ones go through on a daily basis, and thy quietly pray all day long into the night until they fall asleep…that we get better, and that our sickness ends, so we don’t hurt anymore.

I know of one totally awesome young man that prayed to Our Father that his parents would receive the healing they needed so desperately, so they could all be a family again. But he didn’t stop there. His prayer continued, and he asked God to please make all drugs go away forever, so all the children of the world could have their parents back too.

So, now it is my turn to thank you Brandon.

Why you ask?

Because God answered with an astounding YES young man. God proclaimed, “YES, I will honor your beautiful payer…all drugs that do nothing but destroy families because of their addictive properties have been removed from all eternity.” Time is still catching up, but the Family of God has developed and are developing strategies to remove all harmful drugs (i.e. cocaine, crystal meth, heroine, harmful pills, etc.), so my Son Brandon will see His prayer come true and receive His blessing to be reunited with His mom and dad (me…big smile) and the rest of his family, so He never has to worry about His parents getting lost on drugs again.


Thank You Brandon! I love you so much kiddo! See you soon!

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Child’s Prayer

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