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By Robert G Brown

Tuesday 8/16/2016

Vulnerable a word that does not come with ease,

Well at least in world programmed to tease,

A heart left open, faith does it bear,

Always at home with something to share,

Undefended, unguarded, easy to hit,

And we know a lot of the motherfuckers,

Don’t give a shit,

Vulnerable, protected and never unkind,

This is when God enters the rhyme,

You are my love, my understanding,

My forgiveness to give,

Learn all my ways and forever you will live,

Acceptance is a blessing, no need to rehearse,

Gentle love…a little kindness,

Don’t prepare for the worst,

I am here, I am always, and love is what I give,

Share it too, and there will be no regrets.

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